The Many Uses For Printed Plastic Cards

Plastic cards have become a ubiquitous item seen in many public and business venues in recent years. Anyone with an office job is likely to be issued a plastic identity card wearable on a shirt or on a lanyard. The reason is plainly obvious: identity cards are a quick and easy means for a security check as to who is and who isn’t allowed into the building or into restricted areas. Often, these ID cards will also have a magnetic strip or a scanner bar code used as an electronic key lock for added security. They are easy for the employee to carry on his or her person and easy to replace should a new and updated card be required or the old one is lost.

Beyond office security, plastic cards are also printed and used for a wide variety of purposes. These include club membership cards and key tags, luggage tags, and promotional cards. They are customizable to the particular specifications of the client organization, which includes the addition of specific security devices, photo images, graphics, size, and shape. Commercially, plastic cards are used not only for promotional purposes but also as purchasing aids. These would include valued gift cards, limited value credit cards, or phone cards for specified minuted and with individual PIN codes hidden by a scratch barrier. Brand loyalty can be promoted by the use of these cards for prizes such as frequent flyer miles or points for retail discounts or even free giveaways.

Another useful function for a plastic card is for medical appointment cards which are issued to clinic patients when they sign up. Equipped with a magnetic chip, the information can be updated with each visit. This makes these cards a very handy tool for those who regularly schedule sessions through the year. Other businesses such as hair salons or automobile maintenance services can also take advantage of these to schedule appointments and update loyalty points for future discounts.

Other organizations such as schools, non-profit operations, churches, social clubs and social aid groups can make use of these cards for a variety of purposes. The reasonably low production cost of such cards makes any size production run feasible within the available budget. This Guide will give more information about the many different uses for these cards and options for design and production to suit your organization’s particular needs.

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