Your Digital Data Files are at Risk and Can Be Hacked

Businesses of all sizes are under attack as the rate of cyber crime continues to escalate. Attacks are becoming increasingly malicious and destructive. Is your network security prepared to withstand this growing threat?

No Business Network is Safe

Even the largest businesses are under threat. Anyone’s digital data files at risk can be hacked. Even the world’s largest businesses are tightening security measures as they face ever more sophisticated threats from cyber criminals.

Hackers Don’t Need World-Class Skills, They Only Need to be Better Than Your Network’s Security

Many of today’s hackers aren’t elite programmers. Some wannabe hackers simply buy black market hacking software. This isn’t the up to the level of software used by the world’s best hackers, but it’s good enough to penetrate the inadequate network security many businesses rely on.

Small businesses are the primary target for most hackers. These cyber thieves are like thugs who don’t attempt to get a big payout by robbing a bank, but instead knock down an old person on the street to steal their wallet.

How well is your business data protected?

  • A lower case six character password can be cracked in ten minutes or less
  • In the past 12 months, 90% of all businesses have been hacked
  • 77% of all businesses reported several successful hacks
  • Ransomware attacks are becoming more malicious. One new development is offering a victim a reprieve if they successfully infect two new systems for the hacker
  • Hackers have been known to bribe or coerce insiders in order to gain access to business networks
  • Vendors and customers become weak links as hackers target and modify purchase order and payment delivery systems

Penetration Testing is Essential .

Penetration testing is the only way to discover the vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. The experts at MonsterCloud know that few small businesses possess the resources to protect their IT infrastructures. Hackers are especially targeting the valuable customer data possessed by doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies and other local businesses.

Penetration testing includes:

  • Social engineering threats – often unrecognized, but a growing concern
  • Application security testing to discover system vulnerabilities
  • Physical penetration testing of network access points and devices

Could your company survive if all of your data was stolen and resold? Find out what your IT weaknesses are and what it would take to improve your security. Call the security experts at MonsterCloud today to learn more about penetration testing.

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