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Safety 2017: Why Managers Must Address Workplace Safety and Compliance The ASSE is already set to hold the Professional Development Conference and Exposition for the year 2017. A lot of stakeholders are expected to attend and share their experiences, technologies, and strategies related to workplace safety. Whether you’re a policy maker, manager, or employee interested in the subject of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), the ASSE safety conference for this year provides an opportunity to grow your capabilities, link up with peers, and draw inspiration. The conference is an educational event at which the most distinguished speakers will converge, and where you have a chance to attend strategic sessions dealing with the latest trends and topics. Definitely, you’ll learn a lot from the updates you’ll get on the most recent advancements in OSH approaches, skills, and innovations. Over 4,000 of your peers are expected to show up, but why is does the subject of workplace safety continue to command so much attention today? Upholding workplace safety requirements and policies brings about a win/win outcome for everyone, including employees, managers, and company operators. However, OSH compliance requirements are always dynamic as industries develop and cause changes to the workplace environment, making it necessary to stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments. An important benefit in adhering to OSH requirements is reduced absenteeism and increased turnover. Operational costs are minimized while productivity is increased.
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Staff morale has been shown to increase with a safer workplace environment. Dealing with stress and change is easier for employees working under conditions of high morale. Certainly, enhanced morale will increase staff productivity while also boosting the functionality of the workplace environment.
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When all OSH procedures and requirements are observed at the workplace, there will be fewer incidences of on-the-job injuries, and that’s very important for continuity of workplace operations as well as the minimization of compensation costs. If an employee is injured while on the job, their employer is required to cover their medical costs and continue to pay their salaries during hospitalization and recovery, which really does hurt the bottom line. Moreover, an injured worker may not report to work, so productivity will be impacted too. Adherence to OSH as specified brings about lower rates of accidents, and ultimately, lower healthcare and insurance costs. As an employer, you’ll enjoy less exposure to the possibility of paying fines or incurring litigation costs. An employer earns a good reputation as corporate member by creating an OSH-friendly image. That’s important for public relations. Additionally, your business will be able to attract and retain more skilled personnel and customers. The 2017 Professional Development Conference & Exposition is just about to happen, and it provides a chance for you to update yourself on the latest in terms of OSH compliance.

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