Culinary SMALL BUSINESS Ideas Opportunities from Home

Culinary SMALL BUSINESS Ideas Opportunities from Home easy to do. Small business culinary can be regarded as a ” small business immortal” because of the first to arrive any time small businesses culinary fine food and drink will never be lonely consumers. As we know, the food and drink are one of the staples are certainly needed by everyone, this is the reason why over the years the small business of culinary getting more crowded.

small business

small business

Moreover, America is among countries with the highest consumption rate in the world that makes us the opportunity to jump in small business this culinary higher. America is also very famous for its culinary diversity in every area. If we are observant of this fact can be used as a base for “inspiration” to start the small culinary business.

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In the major cities are already very flourishing variety of small culinary business that is tailored to the tastes of young people today. Lots of innovations that grow in the middle of a small business competition is very tight.

If we look at the culinary small business successful, almost always make the ” innovations ” were new. They did not join in the tastes of the market because the market appetite was high saturation levels. That is, it is possible there was a shift in market tastes very short time.

For example, ancient people are not too fond of cheese. But today? Almost everyone likes, especially young children. This business is just one example that the tastes of the market are growing fast.

Because of this, if we look at a successful small businessperson in the small culinary business has been planned carefully as to what their little business model was going forward.

In this process, we call the ” market research “. Later we will discuss more fully what it is market research. In essence, the market research functions that we know the characteristics of our prospective customers. Thus, we can prepare the product strategy and marketing more efficiently.

I do not have the educational background to cook, what can?
This problem probably comes to mind you remember if you want to start a small culinary business?

Yes, not only you but I also sometimes think of such things. Not only is the small food business, but in all business like that. What can develop a small business that we do not have any educational background in the small business?

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If we look, not a few people succeed in small business foods that do not even have the educational background of the chef, though.

Do I take the example of the founder of KFC, who does not know at this fast food? KFC founded by David Harland “Colonel” Sanders. Yes, no one with his name.

KFC founder, Colonel Sanders
KFC Founder Was Former Member of the Army (Image:
He is a former member of the US Marines with the rank is a colonel. And in fact, he started KFC small business in the 60s years! Not young anymore, is not it?

One of the main reasons why he was able to develop this magnitude KFC is a strong tenacity and passion in the field of cooking.

Although we do not have an educational background in small business that we elaborated, as long as we had the determination to want to learn then it can be overcome.

So, there is no reason that we do not have the educational background or age are too young / too old to start a small business. Never too late to start, but if we do not have the determination to start it then that’s when we’ve failed.

Hm … So what foods valuable small business opportunity?
If I may say, in fact, everything profitable. Because everything that has a “market” alone.

Possible food products suitable for young children, but not appropriate for the elderly. And there may be product B is suitable for older people but not suitable for young children.

So, my advice does research in advance about what products you want to sell. Research the most important is the resulting investigation and selling locations. Later we will discuss details at the end of the discussion.

After successfully determining what products you want to sell and the location in which you want is occupied then learn for my management of production, marketing, etc. Because of the strategic location and good product just is not enough for merchandise sold.

In this discussion I would like to split the small businesses of foods and beverages into three opportunities of small business, namely:

Opportunity Enterprises Food Capital Small
Opportunity Enterprises Food Capital Medium – Large
Opportunity Enterprises Drinks
Why do I divide into 3? Because I know, one of the key issues for employers in the early pioneering is the capital. So, I split the small business opportunities based on the amount of money to be released.

More details here are some small business opportunities foods and beverages that can try at home:

1. Doing small business with Small Capital Seafood
Capital is a major problem that often faced by people who are starting a small business. It is not wrong, but it is not entirely accurate. Because, capital can be searched, e.g., by borrowing brother or bank.

To open a small food business is not capital required for a bit, but that does not mean we can not start a small business if we have limited money.

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There are a lot of better economic opportunities small business opportunities foods and beverages with limited capital, among others:

Enterprises run Snacks
The American people are fond of eating, anything edible because it’s no wonder America became one of the most consumptive countries today. And this is our opportunity.

With these practices, we can take the opportunity that exists is the snack food small business for snacking. Moreover, if our target market of young children who like to stay up and then the chances of success are very high.

Snacks that do small business regarding capital is relatively less because the cost of production is not as significant as if we open a food stall. Nonetheless turnover of snack food small business even this was not kidding.

More details, here are some examples of food small business light:

Sale of small business Various Gorengan

For the first type of small business, I recommend to selling fried. Why fried food?

small business Prospects Gorengan
Selling Gorengan small business Is One “Eternal.”
Fried is one of the favourite types of food for the majority of America. The market for even this kind of food is very spacious, did not recognise the wealthy and ordinary people most definitely love fried food.

In addition to selling fried capital is smaller than the others. It applies to the beginning we had to pay extra to buy inventory such as wheelbarrows (when travelling), pans, stoves, etc. But it was only once the purchase is not it?

The types of fried foods can we sell very many kinds, the most popular are selling fried chicken, out fringe (the content of vegetable fried tofu), spring rolls, resoles, brown bananas.

Let’s say yes, cooked in Washington prices average USD 2000/3 seeds. The lowest price is USD 500 / seeds. We assume any fried foods we make a profit of Rp 200-Rp 300 / seeds, and 500 a day selling fried food. So we gain about Rp 100,000 – Rp 150,000 per day. About a month? Approximately USD 4.5 million is not it?

That’s if we assume can only sell 500 fried foods only. Of course, to sell 500 fried food is not too difficult, especially if we sell strategic locations such as near the campus, housing complexes, or roadside. 1000 cake sell in a day that makes any sense.

Besides, fried food can be said to be “food million people”. As I said earlier, nearly everyone in America wants the rich or not, the official or not absolute majority like fried food. So that, not a few people who make fried as “chief friend” to relax with a cup of hot coffee.

I do not like selling fried food because it looks “tacky” …

Maybe that’s what comes to mind? Maybe so selling cooked it seem “cheap”, but had read the potential of the profit?

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For a true entrepreneur, whatever their small business model as long as it is lawful and promises will not be a problem. If you still have visible minded “small business tacky” then you can make this fried food small business as “urban small business” is not it?

Fried seller
Seller Cake seems Busy Making Fried.
Yaps, if we want we can innovate selling fried but with modern concepts. We are selling the idea of conventional magic to be unique. Suppose, we make innovations fried foods, fried foods knows the taste of milk, cheese, or other.

Naming or branding unique and attractive appearance of the small business “tacky” This looks like a modern small business professional. Well, that is the “selling” you.

Please improvisation yourself about what innovations can develop from the “fried” is not it?

Sale of small business Various Chips

Besides fried, in America, the other modern food chips. Yes, snack type is very suitable to accompany a relaxing activity while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

Many types of chips can be sold, for example, potato chips, cassava chips, or even any chips spinach.

Sales Efforts Chips
Potato chips, chips Favourite One person America (Image:
One of the favourites of America is potato chips. Segments market for chips is mostly for younger children. Although the elderly or small children are also a lot of love.

As a small business that occupied these Andi in from scratch to build a small business with a capital of only $ 200,000 just now meet Rp 1.5 million per day.

Well, if you’ve got other related initiatives and innovative product development chips is why do not you just explored? Suppose chips-chips made from unusual materials. I’ve heard nothing that could make chips of banana, etc.

Unique products which are the “selling” for your small business, because you’re not competing in existing markets. Rather make your market so that competitors ya just your laziness alone.

Sales efforts Assorted Cakes

Now there are quite a lot of variations of cake sold in the market, both offline and online market.

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Judging from the type of product, this cake two divided into the dry and wet cake. The wet cake stale faster than with pastries. Therefore, the wet cake is suitable for sale on the same day.

Snacks small business Opportunity
Examples of the Delicious Pastries
The wet cake many examples, most easily found in the market or we often refer to traditional meals. No cake pukis, bread, plywood, sus, etc. So, if you decide to sell a range of wet cake, then your target market is the people around you.

You can sell the cakes in the market or the edge of the bustling main street of course. Or if you wanted a fast-selling sell at strategic places and crowded for example near the school, college or office complex.

For the pastry itself is relatively more durable than the wet cake. That’s why this cake fits well if promoted online.

Cake there are many examples, e.g., snow princess cake, nastar, wafer, etc. Typically, dry cake orders will peak at Idul Fitri, Christmas, or while on vacation.

If you do not have enough money to start this small business, then you can use the way pre-order or made to order. So, we make if someone is ordering only. And they have to do down payment (DP) in advance. Usually, the value of DP was 50% of the total.

Sales efforts for Breakfast

It is also one the right choice for you.

There are times when mothers do not have time in the morning to make breakfast for the family. This jobs is an opportunity that we can use to sell a full breakfast menu.

Selling porridge for breakfast
Selling porridge in the Morning, One small business Tantalize
There are so many menu options that we can take for this effort, which often sold for breakfast was oatmeal, coffè / yellow, green bean porridge, and various fried.

Selling these foods just in front of the house, only the capital rather long table for displaying food then we just need to wait for buyers to come from the surrounding neighbours.

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Especially if your home amid the city, just open stalls on the side of a busy street. Daganganpun then the goods will quickly run out.

Typically, the food services this morning selling of hours of 5:30 to 10:00 or until merchandise runs out.

2. Doing small business with Capital Food Medium-Large
In this discussion I mean capital was between 5-10 million. Because I think the numbers are the numbers that much “reasonable minimum” to start a small business.

But, if you do not have a place to sell then you have to pay extra to rent small business premises, could form a shop or roadside inns.

We could start any small business with any capital. Suppose selling fried, like a capital of 100 thousand already can, but with a capital of 5-10 million can.

With the capital, we can scale up the small business with a little more quickly. We can experiment more freely denim. Suppose, we make a new food menu such as steak, etc.

To sell porridge with carts only, we could also run out 5-10 million, assuming yet have vehicles and equipment. If only capital stoves and pans in front of the house we do not need to spend quite a lot of money capital.

So, what foods small business with a capital of 5-10 million?

In this discussion, I would like to discuss the franchise food or commonly called the franchise.

Franchise or Franchise small business model is one in which one party sells a product and use of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of a brand that has proven its quality

So trivial like this, you know KFC is not it? Well, KFC it has proven its quality and brand so that not a few parties who want to sell products KFC because obviously, the market is already there.

KFC market and the individuals have the right to sell products using the trademark KFC and KFC, in exchange for paying a percentage of royalties by the agreement.

All you need to know in this small business model there are two parties involved in active, namely:

The franchisor (franchise) is the party that has the brand and a small business system where they are entitled to sell right brand / small business systems and legitimate in the eyes of the law.
Franchisee (Franchisee) is the party that bought the brand / small business system of franchisees with the terms agreed.
The franchise is one form of small duplication business that has been successful and has a brand that is well known.

Why kind of repetition? So here, if we want to develop small business inevitably we have to multiply outlet we have not? As for opening a store, we need capital that does a little bit, right?

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Well, with a franchise or franchise small business model we can quickly expand our little business, as long as the brand and our brand is already well known in the community.

So, when your brand is already established and is already widely known. You can open a franchise partnership opportunities to all interested parties.

Later the franchise will contact you and express interest. Owner will set up operations and as the owner just handed you the right to use the trademark to them. So that they can sell their products and your brand, in exchange for a percentage of royalties to you.

What Access Franchise small business?
Each small business model certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a small business with this franchise.

Excess franchise small business is not a little, which is apparently using this small business model we can start a small business without having to start from zero again. More details, here are the advantages:

1. small business Faster Opened

Regarding his little plan of activities, this little business is relatively shorter because we stayed to continue the existing system of party per franchise. Moreover, if the party was buying the franchise already has its own strategic, then the process will be faster.

2. small business Professional Partner

What is clear to us choose a franchise small business professional small business partner that is the franchisor of the franchise owners. Of course, the franchisor wants his online business develops positively. Therefore they did not hesitate to provide support and the necessary facilities so that this franchise small business success.

3. Products and Brands Already Known to Society

The main thing in choosing a small franchise business is to determine to whom we will cooperate. Pick a franchisor that well known in the community, why? Because we do not need to start from zero again for marketing, etc. Because people are familiar with either of these products.

4. Technical Support and Systems Facilitate small business

Franchise small business that you worked, of course, will affect the development of the small business franchisor (selling franchise). That’s why the franchisor also wants its partners succeed and gain a lot. That’s why they will provide technical support and provides system management that has tested, making it easier to do small business.

What are the Disadvantages Franchise?
In addition to the advantages, of course, there is a shortage in the small franchise business. Because no small business is 100% profit. More specifically the following is a lack of franchise small businesses:

1. High Relative Investment

“Relative” yes, because not all franchise small business requires substantial capital. Because of the size of the capital to be issued will depend on to the size of products in a franchise.

For example, if we buy a franchise classmates KFC, McDonald’s, or Warung Padang the capital, of course, we should spend pretty big. However, if the still medium, e.g., with carts only, capital not too big.

Another example is if you want to open a franchise for mini market alone we have to spend at least 300 million to buy the trademark rights, not to buy other properties.

Franchise small business Opportunities
small business Franchise, One method for Duplication Promising small business
Besides, we have to pay a franchise fee and royalty fee. Franchise Fee is the cost to be incurred by the franchise to buy the right to use the trademark of a franchisor. Suppose these examples; we have to spend 300 million to purchase the trademark rights to the mini market, 300 million is what is called a franchise fee.

While the royalty fee is the cost to be incurred by the franchisee any given time (daily, of weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) to the franchisor with large a percentage of sales.

2. Limited Contract

Because we are working with the franchisor, automatically we are not 100% free, although they help us to small business development. The right to use mark no expiration, say five years, ten years, or by the agreement.

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So, there is a lot of agreement that must be met in a cooperation contract on the franchisee to the franchisor.

I understand … But, how to choose a franchise that will run?
We have discussed a lot of things about this small franchise business, well I assume you are already interested in this small franchise business.

So how to choose a franchise that is profitable and easy to administer? The following tips:

1. Select Franchise Has Many Consumers

It is important yes, choose a franchise that was already known to the public. Why? Yes because this will cut down on marketing. If the franchise you want is not too known to the public then automatically you also have to pay for marketing.

The prioritising franchise whose products were affordable all ages, this will allow you to do the marketing.

2. Select Franchise Easy to Run

Should you choose a franchise that is easy to run. Do not spend time and energy on one franchise alone. That’s why the franchise makes sure you get the cooperation that would be straightforward and practical.

Then choose a safe location and strategic. Why safe? This management is very important because the security level is also little impact on the number of consumers who will buy our products.

3. Select Franchise Affordable Prices

If you’re new beginning to start a small business, start with little capital first. There are many franchise-franchise which began 1-2 price cost millions.

So, be selective in choosing a franchise. Better to many franchise list to be selected then compare which is the most inexpensive franchise but its products are well known in the community.

4. Select Franchise with Good Service

As I said above, the franchisor that provides trademarks, small business systems, and even control our little business so well.

Choose a franchisor that when it’s all done well, lest you pressured by the franchisor. Because their status is not your boss but a small business partner. So still you are the primary holder of your small business

What are the Franchise Companies Promising?
Of course, there are so many franchise companies that exist, not only food and drinks but there is laundry, etc.

For more details, please visit the web, there is a lot of info, info about the franchising company that we can get the cooperation.

There is also no information on the company profile and the minimum capital should we invest to run the small franchise business. How interested in a small franchise business?

Of course, not only franchising/franchise can we choose. This jobs is only one course if you have enough capital.

If you are not interested in doing small business franchise you can open your own small business, e.g., sell cakes, food stalls, etc.

3. Doing small business Drinks
If it had been, we’ve talked about the food small business. Now we try to discuss the small liquor business.

Food and drinks that have a close relationship, such as complete if you do not wear any pants. But, before you choose to pursue the drinks there are some things you should consider, among other things:

1. Type Drink What You Sell?

Before selling, make sure you know and understand well about what drinks are going to sell. There are a lot of drinks that you can sell, say selling iced tea, iced lemon, iced grass jelly, wedding round, etc.

2. See your drink Suitable for Season What?

It would have understood. It will be in demand when daylight in the dry season is not it? However, earnings will decline during the rainy season. It is natural, therefore specify and Think carefully want drink what you sell.

3. To Whom Drinks You Sell It?

Selling drinks are different from selling food. If the food was almost all age groups want to eat, but not to drink.

For example, if you are selling grass jelly ice cappuccino it will be in demand if your target market is the young people, from elementary-Son college. But, if you are selling to seniors, so they are not too fond.

Well, it obvious? 3 points that absolutely must have noticed, because otherwise, it would be difficult to sell your small business and grow. So what beverages can sell? Here’s an example:

Beverage Sales Enterprises Juice

Who does not know cendol? Baklava is already very famous in America. Everyone must know baklava. Well, since this first drink America then there is no harm in not just to sell baklava? Shame because it seems cheap?

small business Opportunities Es Cendol
Ice Juice / Cendol one person Single Favorite Drink America (Image:
Hits make no mistake. There is a very successful selling baklava. Danu Sofwan, yes he focused selling baklava after several unsuccessful attempts to run his small business. As a result? Yes, there is dozens outlet scattered throughout America, with revenues of billions per month ( click here ).

Selling small businesses Es Kelapa Muda

Besides baklava there, ya is very popular in America, namely coconut ice. Ice is very fresh especially if taken in the afternoon heat. Sell it on a side street, in the city centre. And this beverage container with a more elegant packaging so that the selling price will be improved.

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I believe, coconut ice is quite popular in the market because a lot of people who like the coconut ice. You can vary, for example, given Jurich (brown sugar liquid), or mixed with honey.

Sales efforts Wedang Ronde

Wedding this round one standard drink of Yogyakarta and Central Java. Many people who like to drink this. With the typical shoulder, a mixture of ginger and spices coupled with the contents of like starch containing beans with extra bread, etc.

small business Opportunities Wedang Ronde
Wedang Ronde, typical drink of Jogja (Image:
The wedding is very suitable to drink at night, especially when the atmosphere is cold.

Of course, their bunyak all drinks that you can sell, but I may not discuss all here. At least three had been enough to inspire you.

What Success Tips for Selling Food and Beverage?
If it had been, we’ve talked a lot about the food and beverage small business opportunities even franchise put we discussed a lot.

Founder Randol Successful Young
Danu Sofwan Founder Randol at Young Age (Image:
So, what is it all I’ve certainly succeeded? The answer is yes no. Because, although we duplicate the success of others ways to approach 100% the same, it does not guarantee we also chimed success.

There are so many factors that cause a person’s success. What are they? Here are some tips:

Research used to be

investigationEarlier articles had I emphasise research, research and research. Actually, what is the research?

You think that the research was yes usually at state research institutions, only by scientists who did the research. Yes is not it?

Apparently, in the small business world, there is also research. Even the most important of it all is a research first. Why is this so important? Because I think personally that the investigation has failed at the beginning of the possibility of failure was great.

So, what needs to be in the research?

The first is first identify consumers or commonly referred to as market research/market research/consumer research. What does it mean? Yes, you must first know what types of prospective customers who will buy your product is.

Of course, we treat consumers differently in between parents and children, is not it? Between men and women, of course, different treatment. Because that’s the first identification to whom you will sell your product.

The second is research products, including consumer research with product research, are equally important. Because, if the product is good quality but no one matching the customer product that failed to sell. Similarly, if a potential consumer product ugly but it also will not sell.

Once you recognise your customers, then determine what products will sell. If your location is close to the campus, then sell the food and drinks preferred by students. And the price is not high because the bag was a mediocre student.

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Well if research has been done, you’re ready to do small business, now looking for funding to start-up capital. You can borrow from relatives or closest relatives, or could use the money from your savings.

How to manage small business successfully?

What is clear when you sell make sure you were HONEST. Use of raw materials was good, though not the best. As we heard in the news lately, sellers of Washington DC sell iced tea from water droplets rails, selling fried chicken waste from hotels, etc.

You must manage small business carefully. Do not do it, because it would be detrimental to consumers. Because the consumer is a valuable asset we, then treat them with specials. Give the best service to them, so that they are comfortable using the products we sell. Hopefully this article useful yes I long for you. I try to give as much detail as possible on each item I wrote. You can run internet business with small capital.