EARN MONEY from Convection, T-shirt Printing Business

EARN MONEY from Convection, T-shirt Printing Business is very easy. The convection business deals with the fashion world. This company can be said to be a stable business from year to year because the number of requests tends to remain and even increase. Convection business there is a wide range, such as the business of children’s clothing convection, convection bag and wallet, convection business in the form of making hats, hoods, t-shirts, and so forth. Convection business is similar to the garment industry, but in the opinion of some entrepreneurs, convection business is slightly different from clothing business.

t-shirt printing business

t-shirt printing business

All internet users can make money from t-shirt printing business. In the clothing business (for example office wear) each work group does a particular sub-section. There are special work teams that make the collar, there are first measuring and cutting cloth, there is a special section sewing (assemble), and there is a group on duty at the end (tidy / iron). While on convection business, each person (team) is tasked to complete thoroughly called CMT (Cutting, Making, Trimming) which starts from cutting/measuring, making, and tidying up. Really profitable small business ideas!

In this article, will be presented how to start a convection business and further focus on the niche business of print t-shirts with digital printing that tend to be sought by the young people.

Building a Convection Business

For those of you who intend to try luck in the world of fashion (convection), there are some things you need to know, ranging from location determination, production process to marketing. You can startĀ t-shirt printing business easily now.

1. Determination of Convection Business Type

Before you start a convection business, it helps you research (survey) or guess what kind of convection before you wake up. Whether you are going to make a special outfit for kids, t-shirts, office wear, convection hats, purses, wallets, latest model outfits, or combine some of them. Adjust it to the target consumers who potentially bring big profits in your area.

2. Preparation of Business Capital

In building a convection business, you have to prepare the necessary tools and materials. The first is made of course the convection business workplace. The size of the building depends on the number of machines and the capacity of your convection business. Further purchase equipment and materials convection, among others:

Sewing machine, for example, four pieces
Rent place/warehouse (negotiable price)
Buy convection materials (fabrics, buttons, threads, etc.) with the amount of capital depending on your small business
Buy additional equipment (needle, scissors, pencil cloth, etc.
Employee salary (negotiable)
Transportation costs for shipping to customers
Reserve money (unexpected costs)
The other additional equipment in the convection business is the over deck machine, brass machine, cutting machine, embroidery machine, and screen printing equipment, and iron.

3. Create Creative Ideas

For you to succeed in the convection business, you must have a unique, creative, and interesting idea. For example, Jogja shirt and joger in Bali, which especially produce t-shirts slang with words and pictures are funny and unique. Or when the song Rock hits, there is a convection businessman who invented the pants/skirt of snail poison. Manohara shirts produced when the mass media were slowly gossiping Manohara (former wife of Prince Kelantan Malaysia). For the latest fashion model, you can see the clothes of soap opera artists as a guide ideas. Creative ideas in designs and patterns will make you successful, have a good brand, maybe even make a trendsetter, especially in your area.

4. Marketing Preparation

It’s a good idea before you build a convection business, you already have connections to market your products, for example, friends who work in one company, a family who work in a school (uniforms), or clothing stores in your area. Or if you want to build a convection business with the principle of one-stop business, you must create your product, own brand, and have their store. Besides through friends and family, you can market your fashion products through distributing pamphlets, advertising in newspapers and radio, and the most current trends are utilising social networks (e.g., Facebook and tweeters).

5. Managing Enterprises

Manage your business professionally, from product handling, employee management, to customer service. Remember the principle of product creation: “Quality is the Queen”. Follow the trend that is in tune and to make it more enjoyable.

6. Constraints in Convection Business

In building convection business in Indonesia, several obstacles are experienced, among others:

The quality of textile and apparel products in Indonesia is still not able to penetrate the global market, but some of them trusted by overseas companies.
The existence of invasion of cheap products from neighbouring countries, such as apparel from China (but the quality is still low)
Still outdone by international brands (but the product is expensive)
Rapid changes in fashion trends, sometimes making convection/garment entrepreneurs can lose due to late entry into the market, while the popularity of these products has begun to fade in the eyes of consumers.
Trading arrangements in the distribution of export quotas of convection by some manufacturers are still not good.
Tips for Success in Business Scaling Home Scale Convection

Business does not have to start with a big capital. You are interested in jumping into convection business shirts and the like can start with a home scale. Indeed many obstacles and challenges to be faced. Well, the following tips can be an inspiration to build a small convection business in your home.

1. Starting a business, you need to prepare a business plan with details, starting with details of capital, details of equipment and equipment purchases, employees, design, packing, selling, profit-loss analysis, competitor analysis, promotion, challenge Analysis Solution if the problem comes

2. Make sure you have enough capital, at least for a two-year operation. Money can obtain from self or credit assistance.

3. If the capital is in hand, use the best to buy quality products and equipment, such as sewing machine, brass machine, scissors, meter, yarn, zipper immediately equipped as needed.

4. Recruit employees with skill or experience qualified in convection, sewing, or garment.

5. Create an attractive clothing design. The simple principle is to design a unique outfit or follow the latest trends or create a design that is popular and is in consumer demand. Do not forget to tailor the design to your target market/buyer.

6. Make sure you set a competitive product sale price. As a start of business, do not pursue high-profit margin targets, as you must still build the stability and image of your company’s name on the market.

7. Do not just target the market in your area only. Reduce your convection business turnover by reaching online market share, not only locally or even internationally. For delivery of products, you can use express courier services, such as TiKi, JNE, or POS Indonesia. As a beginning to reach the online market, you can use Facebook to promote and market products online. If already established, do not hesitate to open an online store.

Successful Youth Success Stories Convection Business

The following successful convection business success story is taken from Viva.co.id website. He is a man born in 1990, with the name Rendra Graha Utomo Putra. He started Graha Konveksi business since 2009 ago. The convention business tagline is “Clean and Corrupt Transaction”. Along with his hard usual, Rendra managed to pocket tens of millions each month. His company is named Graha Konveksindo which serves the manufacture of T-shirts, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, vests, and sweatpants.

Like the stories of other young entrepreneurs, Rendra before starting a business in the field of confection also had experienced a rise in the growth of the firm. When he first studied business, he tried his luck in his painting business. But unfortunately, due to rampant competition, the business did not grow and then went bankrupt. However, Rendra tried not to despair, and tried to keep him afloat, let alone the two parents have not paid for college since the first semester.

“At that time, in my mind, how to survive to pay college, paying for the board, and eating,” he recalled.
In the midst of busy to complete the task finally at the University of Airlangga Surabaya, Rendra admitted remaining focused on building a business confection. He even plans to open a new store and look for employees.

“If the confirmation is a wholesale business, we depend on orders. But, Alhamdulillah every month there is always a message, and most transactions can reach Rp45 million, ” he said.

Regarding the matter of product quality, although done by a student, he guarantees will not disappoint. This is because Rendra seeks to apply quality control at each stage of production, starting screen printing, sewing, embroidery, until the packing process. Not only thinking about the design alone, but the quality must also maintain. Consumer satisfaction also he provides by offering products at an affordable price. Rendra offers a reasonable cost of its products with quality awake. As a way to multiply customer choice, he also provides a variety of shirts, ranging from cotton TC, get, semi-cotton, local cotton, to cotton combed directly taken from the manufacturer in Bandung.

“We have a lot of price options. Everything depends on the materials requested, and if for order, I have served until outside Java, “the story.
And talk about the turnover of a month, Rendra has managed to pocket the income of about Rp30 to Rp50 million per month.

The following is the product price list of Conventional Graha products, and may now have changed:

Building a Digital Printing Print Business

Digital printing machineOn a smaller and more precise scale, an exciting and potential business is a distribution business in the fashion sector. Printing on sheets of cloth, mainly T-shirts, such as printing an image, logo, or writing usually done with a conventional screen printing. The disadvantage of traditional screen printing is that the timing process is quite old and the print must be in large quantities. So they only serve a lot of orders (e.g., team shirts), while consumers who want to print their shirts for private collections not served because the company will lose money. So the solution of the problem is you have to open/expand the business with new media and tool called Digital Printing Machine for T-Shirt or Digital Printing Direct To Garment.

By using the tool, you can print a t-shirt with the picture and text desired by the customer. Different types of fabrics can be printed, such as cotton, silk, polyester, and so on. Production costs incurred by the process of digital printing on the fabric is cheaper.

In this business, a customer can bring his designs that he creates in the form of digital file formats. He can also print on his favourite clothes. Another advantage to being gained by customers is its exclusive nature. This means that printing clothes only published limited. There may even be only one in the world if the client makes his drawing design. And it is a powerful weapon in getting many consumers, especially the ABG. Then, How to start this business? Please see the following steps:

Prepare a place of business

Preparation of the site of business includes an area for equipment, display, electricity, and so on.

Prepare tools and materials

Tools and materials consist of: A set of computers priced at about 3-4 million rupiahs; Digital Printer Machine for garment (DTG) price around 5 million rupiahs, but some are cheaper depending on specification; Various sizes and colours of plain t-shirts. The plain t-shirt sold to consumers who do not have a personal shirt to print; Textile inks, Teflon paper, and frame or natural placemats are usually already in one package with a printer machine.

Learn how to operate

If you have been used to exploit a computer and print with a paper printer, it will not be difficult for you to master quickly.

How to promote t-shirt printing business at internet?

Conducting business promotion

In addition to the brochures, the best way to promote in this business is to print some examples of personalised creations that you or your family wear when out of the house. Stylish as well as the promotion!

Well, so short description. Ready for entrepreneurship? You can follow Small Business News today. If yes, let’s set the price. As a comparison material, in the major cities, the price of printing services + shirts an average of Rp. 40,000, depending on the quality of the shirts sold and also the quality of the printed image. Then it helps you find information about it in your area. So, let’s do it now !!! Send regards to success while you manageĀ t-shirt printing business.