Small BUSINESS NEWS Article, Important to Read..!

Small BUSINESS NEWS Article, Important to Read..! Have income that many indeed be a desire of many people or even can be said everyone would want their needs fulfilled. That’s why we work, whatever work we do to get the money to make ends meet. It’s no secret that today’s necessities of life are increasing, nothing entirely paid. In fact, just urinate course we have to pay. If you have this, what’s the solution?

business news

business news

If we read latest business news, not the least of us to be an employee of a company, but the salary received little or only able to meet their daily needs alone. Not enough to save or to buy other items for mere entertainment. Not a few of us who just complain about their salary alone. Blaspheme companies that only provide a small salary, but work hard. The time that we use to complain better allocated to make efforts not? You must know about business news at America now.

Many of us are not aware that in fact, our leisure time outside of working hours was too much. But, most of the workers are not aware of and consequently did not use the time as possible. If we have a strong determination that we can allocate the time for things that are better. As before, we can make the business news side level home.

Is not the company does not forbid us to make business news outside office hours? So, rather than the complaint of low salaries mending power and we have allocated time to make the effort not? The same tired, but if you make a business news no additional income, right? Not bad, for pocket money or add to savings. Let us discuss these opportunities more details.

Why do we have to open a side business news?
Make an effort and the business news team is exciting and challenging. Why interesting and challenging? Yes, because when we opened the business news recently there are many new things we have to learn.

reasons to business news
Financial reasons and to meet the needs of life are the main reasons why people choose to do business news (image:
Of course, many reasons require us to make the business news side. But, most internet marketer is too lazy to do it just for the simple reason suppose no time, tired of work, there is no capital, etc. In fact, if we think carefully the reasons for doing so outweigh the reasons not to do.

So, what are the reasons that we have to create a side business news?

# 1 Need Extra Money
Do not be ashamed, one of the main reasons we made the business news team is to find additional money. We just can not rely on the salary of the office to meet daily needs. How come? For example, your salary is minimum wage. UMR salary is only enough to meet daily needs, is not it?

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Especially in Jakarta, the salary of 3 million a month already tight huh? I am alone, 3 million in Yogyakarta salaries and wages such single fitting. To save money, pay monthly instalments and boarding houses, as well as money everyday needs. In fact, the minimum wage in America only about 1.5 million. Remember, now I just single especially if you are married? Naturally, the need will increase.

Well, by having a side business news we can get additional income so that the level of economy we are growing. Also, with the extra money we can to prepare for the future of our children suppose to school. As we know, the school is now much less expensive private college.

# 2 Getting Old Age / Retirement
If PNS mah bad, after the expiration of the work and then get the money retirees. If the private employees how? If the pension, just severance pay received once. If we do not have any savings for old age how can we live?

By having a side business news that has initiated early in life, then it could be a matter of life which is promising for old age. In fact, if managed properly the amount of profit can be much more than money or retired civil servants monthly salary when they become employees.

Moreover, when it retired, of course, we’ve never worked in an office instead? There are a lot of free time that we can use to continue our efforts so that our time in old age continues to be productive. Of course, because the power in the elderly is not as high as in the present then to the current efforts and our energy should be allocated to the maximum.

# 3 Market Opportunities Still Wide Open
Afraid that open a business news then do not sell? Throw away that thinking. It is one form of a mental block. Mental blocks are negative traits that unconsciously affect our brains, so we are too afraid to move.

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Well, if we want to open our eyes wide market opportunity is still very wide open. If entrepreneurs are willing to think creatively and analytically, of course, there are many business news opportunities around you. Live, what we do not want to try to explore with it?

# 4 Channelling Ideas, Hobby and Passion
It deals with the three above. I’m sure there will be a market that is open to any ideas and hobbies you have. Do not believe? For example, you like to write? Many who need a good content writer in the print or electronic media.

Based business news hobbies Paid
A fun job opportunities is a hobby that paid
Have hobbies are fishing? If you have vacant land, why not create fishing grounds? Especially if you are adept at fishing, open all in one place, namely a fishing course for beginners. Sell all fishing tools super complete. If it develops, can also create unique travelling fishing. Such as mania fishing event in one of the national private TV. Exciting right?

What the heck is a job better than a paid hobby?

# 5 Have Much Time for Family
We are working for whom? Make our wives and children, is not it? If we are too busy working so employees, we consumed a lot of time in the office then there is no times for families. Why have the money?

Remember, time and affection that could not buy anything. As a wise man said, money can buy a soft mattress but can not obtain a deep sleep.

Already know why you should do business news right now? Do not be afraid because it is too young, and do not be pessimistic because it’s too old. KFC founder started the business news in the 60s years, the founder of Facebook began pioneering Facebook since their 20-year lifespan.

I am interested in doing business news … But, what business news profitable?
When asked what business news I firmly promise to answer all potentially promising business news, home business news that do not just think about.

Business intelligence is a matter of the action, if only in theory without any real work so impossible that we will be successful. Is not it? To make it easier, please note the image below:

Mind Map business news Opportunities
There are 3 Types of business news Opportunities Promising i.e., rental, services and sales of products
Note mindmap I created above, there I classify types of business news opportunities into three kinds:

Enterprises Rental / Hire Goods are we renting goods we have to consumers in a given time, can be hourly, daily or monthly.
Enterprises in Services is the type of business news by offering services (not a real product) to the consumer.
Product Sales Enterprises is the type of business news by selling / offering products to consumers.
Of the three that are most promising? The most promising do not just reasonable offer. Remember yes, it’s a matter of business news action all true business news do not just plan origin. More details, let’s discuss one by one.

business news Opportunities Rental / Hire Goods
The first one we discuss is the business news breaks the rental or leasing of goods. This business news from the beginning until now still sell well, so do not worry if you start a rental business news fear not sell. The market for this type of business news is still very full.

There are many reasons why workers prefer renting goods rather than buy them. The first reason is that most of the items were used only briefly, alias at individual events. For example, people prefer renting instead of buying clothes. Because, only worn during the reception only.

The second reason is that renting was cheaper than buying. It is also closely related to the first point. Because its use is not frequent and expensive products yes mending tenant is not it?

The third reason is that it is outside the city. If we went to the outside area would either travel or business news affairs, then renting the stuff better. Suppose rent a car/motorcycle, especially if the transport in the area difficult. Better rent instead than waiting for the bus for hours is not necessarily earned?

1.a. Rental business news Motor
The first is a bike rental business news. This business news is extremely suitable in places of travel or big cities which so many purposes. I live in Yogyakarta, here, not a few people who open a motorcycle rental business news.

Motorcycle Rental business news Opportunity
Motorcycle Rental business news Opportunities Promising (Image:
The average motorcycle rental business news is near hotel complex, campus or tourist attractions. This is typical because of the location many visitors who need a vehicle to get around town. For the rent varies, depending on the type of motor that leased.

The standard price of Rp 60,000 – Rp 100,000 per day for each bike, imagine if you have ten engines, how many hundred thousand obtained each day is not it? But indeed, this business news also comes at a cost. That is if the loan is not a real person. It could motor instead taken away because it’s minimal make sure the engine fitted with GPS in place that is difficult or uncommon.

1.b. Car Rental business news
Rental cars and motorcycles that can be said to be a kind of yes, because usually a bike rental also rent a car. If not, generally next second-place effort.

Well, if you’ve got a disused car may not open a car rental. If Malas, you can leave the vehicle at the car rental place. Later, divided, if the vehicle you got hired by the buyer.

For car rental rates also vary, depending on the type of car rented. Cars are rented mostly by family-type car, like Avanza, Mobilio, etc. For the price of rent is usually per 12-hour or 24 hours.

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For 12 hours could be minimal 250an thousand, if 24 hours 400-450an thousand, if the driver then is added again approximately 50-100 thousand. How? Interested in the car rental business news? If you have a car unused and prefer to use a simple bike, the better the car rental only.

Or, we could lend to those closest to us to be the uber driver. As we know, Uber is a car rental marketplace in the world. We could have a revenue share with the driver, suppose that we can be 20% of income every day. Quite right? We’re not doing anything, but it can be profitable?

1.c. Camera Rental business news
Rental of this camera is no less promising than the previous two rental bikes and cars. Considering the price of an expensive camera, as well as the need for people to get a good photo too high then the camera can be used as an alternative rental.

But, a camera that can usually rent minimal SLR or DSLR type camera. Eat, prices are also relatively high price. For a good camera and a minimum of US $ 5,000,000 price. That’s just a standard photo camera yes if it’s a video camera shooting certainly more expensive at the cost of tens of million.

Therefore, the price is relatively expensive camera rental depending on the type of camera. Daily rental prices are starting from 100ribuan to millions.

1.d. Rental business news Bus / Mini Bus for Tourism
If you have the capital is high, then the bus and minibus rental are equally promising. Market our market is very transparent, that is people who want to travel as a group.

Suppose school, college, office, or community. Tourist bus rental business news is never empty because the demand is quite high. Typically, for this bus rental business news to include tourism travel business news.

We can cooperate with travel agencies travel. They provide travel packages whereas we provide transportation. Win-win is not it? Sewanyapun prices vary widely, ranging from 1.5 million depending on what type of leased buses.

1.e. Rental business news air conditioning (AC Standing)
The next rental business news rental AC, yes Air Conditioner is indeed quite popular in the market. The market for this news of activity is when there are events in a Convention Hall. Well, usually hot inside the room so we could rent the air conditioner to the event.

Ditawarkanpun prices vary, the most inexpensive Standing AC 3PK is Rp 650,000 per day, and for that 10PK price of Rp 1.5 million per day. Expensive is not it?

1.f. Rental business news Kemah Equipment / Camping
Now it is a trend kid nature lovers, to say lately riding mountain has been much favoured by young people around the high school-college. Well, the broader market this can be utilised by opening camping equipment rental.

Of course, many of which need tools to camp. Because to purchase a tent quite expensive when not worn often. So, the easiest alternative rental.

Lots of tools that we can rent out tents, ranging from tents, backpacks, cutlery, to the personal devices. For the lease price is usually a matter of a day, the price of each item is different. For example, for the tent can cost price 20ribuan per day. Do not be too expensive, because our market is those children of high school students that in fact the majority of pockets mediocre.

1.f. Enterprises Figuring / Game-Net
The latter is a cafe business news or GameNet. If I may say, the Internet cafe business news is getting more and dimmer. This fact is influenced by the penetration of mobile Internet easier and cheaper, so people prefer to use the internet via cell phone to be used as a modem rather than in the cafe.

business news Opportunities Game Center
business news Opportunities Rental Internet Cafe / Game Net (Image: Techinasia)
But, that does not mean cafe business news is totally dead. If just a small cafe business news to say yes will not long survive, should innovate. For example, create a cafe cafes. So that people are more comfortable to linger therein.

Besides the cafe, there is also a business news-net game. GameNet I think this is more profitable than the cafe. Because it’s game-net broad market, many people are maniacs game. They did not hesitate to buy coupon game and linger in the match centre.

For price now getting cheaper, I remember the first time is circa 2008an, when I was still in junior high prices at the cafe was Rp 5,000-Rp 8,000 per hour. Even then, if the download speed is only 20 – 100kbps only. Compare with now? We buy internet quota can be just 50ribu 3 GB, speed no less with the cafe.

Therefore, the price of an increasingly cheap cafe. Now, the average price of the cafe was Rp 1500 – Rp 2500 per hour. Even then the connection is fast, minimal cafe yes 20Mbps, with download speeds of at least 500kbps. If it can say under slow, better to buy the quota only.

Internet cafe business news and GameNet is still wide open, especially in areas where a little village. Where the GSM signal is still not much, then the suburban cafe business news area is quite promising than the middle of town that business news competition is very tight.

Conclusions for business news rental or leasing of goods.

Indeed, for the lease work news is not all I can say capital is small. Because money should we spend to buy goods to be leased is also very high.

But, we can start renting out one or two items. Then add and add. Otherwise, for example, if we wanted to open the car rental business news/motors we can find a friend or relative who has a car or motorcycle unused.

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We offer them cooperation with the sharing system, enough right? We do not need to bother buying a motorcycle or a car. The point is, do not make capital money as the main reason for inaction. If there is an intention there is a way, just depending on what the purpose of baseball you are running a business news?

business news Opportunities in Services / Service
Both types of business news are in field service or services service. The service industry is also quite promising, especially for venture capital services is relatively smaller compared to business news rental/leasing of goods earlier.

Why do I say relatively lower capital? Yes, because we sell it the skill of us. Ability to provide optimal service to consumers. So, the first capital for the business news services sector is skill or expertise.

Indeed, to hone skills is not easy. Skill it is directly proportional to the experience. The higher the person’s experience is directly proportional to the quality of the individual’s ability. For example, persons who used to draw three-year terms of skill is much better than people who are just learning to draw for three days.

So, for a service business news is an absolute skill we need sharpening. So what services business news profitable?

There are a lot of services that can be offered. The easiest way first know what skills we have. If we do not know what skills we mastered it will be tough to be happy services business news. Here I give an example of some of the services that business news opportunities can we begin:

2.a. business news Opportunities Haircut
The first is a haircut, this one lasting business news types. Why do I say that? Because from the first until whenever the demand for a haircut would still exist.

Enterprises piece of hair I can say fairly evenly distributed, meaning that from the bottom of the top segment need this. Starting from the ordinary people until Mr President need somebody for a haircut, is not it? May not be able to cut their hair.

Well, this is a great opportunity. Choose a strategic location, usually in the market area, near the campus or office complex. Or if not near schools, because many primary school children – high school who got raid haircut. Not imagine how public this business news market?

To start work capital is not too much, there is an important place in strategic locations, buy glass, tools haircut. To put the price depends on the site yes, probably between 3 million – 15 million per year depending on location. Then tools hair was cut roughly the total of all 500K.

How much income barber? Well, for a tariff for a haircut varies. If yes medium for between Rp 7,000 – Rp 10,000 per head. If a day can cut ten people, it can be revenue of Rp 70,000 – Rp 100,000 is not it? That is, if just ten people, at least a month so we can Rp 3,000,000. Electricity cut most Rp 50,000 is enough.

That is if a haircut for a medium segment, if it’s top, could be far above that. Could reach the hundreds of thousands for a cut, because there are service-service extras such as shampoo, facial scrubs, etc. So, just to develop creative business news.

2.b. business news Opportunity Laundry Services / Laundromats
This is one business news that is on the rise, either because people are already lazy to wash your clothes or how. Clearly, this is one of the promising business intelligence potentials.

Tantalize Laundry business news Opportunities
Laundry business news is one business news that is popular now (Image:
I observed laundry business news had been entered into the villages. If in the cities still understandable, if in the village? And laundry services remain in demand, already imagine the business news potential?

For business news capital is also relatively not too high because this is a form of capital investment capital means the beginning of the issued capital. For example buying a washing machine, dryer, beds, buckets, iron, etc. If the total of Rp 5,000,000 – Rp 7,000,000

For running capital, we need to buy detergent, laundry deodorizer, or water taps. Rates vary depending on the location bar itself, to marketplace ranging from Rp 2,500 – Rp 5,000 / kg.

2.b. Typing Services business news Opportunities
For writing services is already not as busy as before, because more and more people who already have a computer or laptop itself. So, most prefer to type rather than typing in the rental.

But, that does not mean the business news is dead. Still, rental typing sold in the market. Particularly for those who pursue the thesis/training. For rates typing itself is usually calculated at Rp 1,000 – Rp 1,500 per strip.

2.c. Service business news Opportunity Service (Computers, Electronics, etc.)
The increasing public consumption, the potential for the business news service is always there. Very large this business news opportunity, because almost all goods can be service.

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Suppose for mobile phone service, laptops, electronic items are still many people who need them. Just open the store roadside stalls, especially in places located near the market eg, office complex or near campus.

For the tariffs, service itself depends on the level, for example for services reinstall laptop/computer only charged $ 50,000 – $ 150,000 per laptop. Usually, it together with his service selling spare parts. If yes network service components/accessories e.g., computer mouse, flash, etc.

2.d. Photocopying Services business news Opportunity
It is also one of the firm newses that started solid because more and more people who pursue this news of activity. But, despite increasingly fierce competition consumers is also increasing. Almost everyone needs these services, especially those that work at the office or school and university students.

This copy services will be in demand when it opened in places such as strategic, campus environment, schools, offices and multiple government area. That is where the biggest market for photocopying business news.

Photocopying services for start-up capital is, of course, copiers. Copiers own prices ranging from $5, but the average price is $ 9,000,000 – $ 10 million per unit. Then for papers is better to buy a pickup because it was cheaper. For the price of a photocopy itself is usually Rp 50 – Rp 100 per share.

2.e. business news Opportunities Design Services Grafis
Remember it’s not graphic design services design services for free. Many people around us who consider this profession eye. But, this graphic design services that among overseas or professional can be very expensive. Because it is an attractive graphic design can be regarded as the spearhead for promoting.

Not imagine? Suppose we want to the sale of goods but the display of brochures, the banner is not very attractive? Human beings are visual creatures, meaning more interested in captivating graphics rather than text only. That’s why the simple, exciting visual displays graphics must be made so that people are interested in our products.

A simple example, the website used to have a web presence that mediocre, consequently visitors not too much at home. Because it is a design less attractive. But, after I changed the web design becomes present guests so much more comfortable to linger in this web. Quite a lot, see the following picture:

Graph Rocket Visitor Management
Graph Rocket Visitor Management
See what I Kotaki above, bounce rate is a measure to determine whether the visitor is at home or not on our website. How bounce rate calculated? Simply put, if the new visitors go to our website and just click the close button, or back it means that visitors do not like with our site. Thus, the bounce rate will be higher.

The lower the bounce rate the better, in February, to see the web is still old school, but after I change the template better bounce rate dropped drastically is not it? Well, based on this data we can not underestimate the design. What does it mean? The design is important because it is important that the design is expensive.

How much does the designer? For its rate depending on the model of what is it and also depends on our experience. The longer we work more and more automated experience, and the price is higher. For starters, the price can be started in the range of tens of thousands if standard in the hundreds of thousands of rupiah. If it is a large company level, then it could be worth millions to hundreds of millions.

I am alone, web design contest at 99designs, win prizes around $ 475 or 6 million rupiahs. It was only from one single web homepage design. My advice, if you want to succeed (lots of money) in the field of design better look for customers abroad. Many of why forums beyond that we can make a platform to promote.

Graphic design services are very broad, yes, because there are many kinds of graphic design. Suppose design services for could illustration vector illustration, cartoon, linear, etc. Web design services, design services for advertising for example brochures, banners, etc. So, first determine your expertise is in the design where. The more specific, the higher the price of your skill.

2.f. Opportunities Services Authors Articles / Content
Services author of the article is now on the rise, as more and more websites are popping up so that the need for content and quality materials becomes very high.

Many people who need these services, either personal or company. The price is also very varied, from the most cost around Rp 2,000 / 100 words, to be Rp 6,000 / 100 words depending on the experience and quality.

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For copywriting article more expensive, up to millions of rupiah. Because, in writing attractive copywriting need special skills. This business news is very suitable for the students because it can do anywhere and anytime without time-bound.

You can promote facebook or forums such as the DJ , ads-id, etc. For the last price is the price of American article, if the article in English can be more expensive then the price is 2-5 times higher.

2.g. business news Opportunity Web Development Services and Applications
Making web services and applications is also on the rise. This is influenced by the penetration of internet is getting faster, so that the need for information is also increasing. Well, because that’s not a few people who need the services of web creation and application.

Web and apps are very important, especially for large companies. Because with the company’s network can be used as event promotion and business news introductions. Not only to the enterprise level, the level of government agencies and schools also need a website.

The price for making web services vary widely, but if it’s now more and more unhealthy competition. Because of many novice-novice damaging market prices. Even dare to sell web at a price of Rp 200,000 alone including domain and hosting. Very unreasonable not?

For the price of making the web itself normally the cost is US $ 1,000,000, including domain and hosting the first year, for a good standard yes between Rp 5,000,000 – Rp 10 million, to the level of large enterprises and government agencies can be up to Rp 30 million – Rp 100,000,000.

If the website information systems more expensive could reach billions of rupiah. As for the application is also roughly the same price. Especially mobile apps Android and iOS are more expensive than desktop applications, mobile applications themselves above the price of Rp 10 million, the average reached Rp 30 million minimum.

Imagine the benefits how? The most significant capital just set your PC / Laptop to be running software making its application.

2.h. business news Opportunity Washing Motor, Car, or Carpet
Now, the number of vehicles on the streets more and more. It also became one of the promising business news opportunities, because we can provide services for motorcycle or car wash.

business news Opportunities Motor and Car Wash
The washing bikes and cars is getting crowded, as the growth of vehicles increased (image:
This report of activity is quite crowded, and the price is also enough. For capital can be started at a price of USD 9 million to buy equipment for example compressors, steam engines, YouTubes, etc. For the price of washing, the motor starts from Rp 7,000, while the car started Rp 20.000an. If one day there are 50 motorcycles and 50 cars were washed already imagine the profit that will generate?

2.i. Tailoring Services business news Opportunities
Each person will need clothes, from ancient times the business news is never empty because the demand is always there. Moreover, if the approaching holiday season and the new school year for school kids certainly will tailor full order.

For the rates themselves vary sew most cost around Rp 40ribuan to pants or shirt only. If the big city could reach Rp 70,000 – Rp 100,000 for one stitch. Capital also relatively not large, that is to buy a sewing tool Rp 1.5 million and other supporting tools, e.g., needle, thread, scissors, etc.

2.j. Service business news Opportunity accordance Hobby
The latter for the business news opening of this service is to sell services by our hobby. Tasty is not it? The exciting job is a hobby that paid. Besides we enjoy manage, we also paid.

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Almost all hobbies can cash, for instance, if you like fishing then it could go fishing training efforts. Hobbies riding car/motorcycle could open up as a training ride. Hobbies drawing? Can make facial illustration services, etc.

I have thoroughly discussed the business news opportunities based hobby in the last article. The bottom line is, if you are creative then there will always be business news opportunities that have emerged and are also promising.

Conclusions for business news opportunities in services … ..

Compared to the others, capital money service business news was the least. Because the primary product sold is a skill, the more so if you have the skill in the field of information technology, the financial benefits that you have the higher.

How come? For example, if you create a digital product. Want to sell 1 or 1,000 same capital. But, if you want to sell one bread then such capital Rp 1,000, but if you want to sell 1000 bread then capital of Rp 1,000,000 is not it? Can not imagine how much profit you would get if selling digital products, right?

Promising business news Opportunity Sales
For the latter is a business news selling, well this is also one of the promising business news. There are so many sectors that can be entered for this sale, for any sale must sell. If the behaviour does not mean we are not the target market right.

Selling now even easier with the internet, because with the Internet we can sell goods with quite a bit of capital. I’ve discussed at an article about online business news opportunities.

In the article I discuss more than 40 online business news opportunities are promising, whereas in this article I specifically discuss real business news opportunities or offline. Well any promising business news opportunities it? Check out my review of the following:

3.a. Food Profitable business news Opportunities
Food business news includes perennial business news, why I dared to say anything like that? Because who does not need to eat? All people need to eat, right? Especially now that people prefer to buy food rather than cook.

Selling these foods like sales wherever God willing will be in demand, like in the village or in the city. But, it is more of the request if selling in the market, or city. Moreover wares on campus or office complex, there is a huge target market.

Because students and office workers were too lazy and tired to cook it yourself, at least use them only cook rice cooker and then buy side dishes. So instead of this very promising does not it? And, profit not a little, especially if the diet is many and varied. For example, the campus cafeteria revenue alone could reach 500 thousand per day, was minimal.

Now living to specify what you want selling food? Want to fat foods, breakfast foods, fried foods, or snacks such as cakes/snacks. How to determine what menu sold find out skill cook what you understand.

3.B. Beverage business news Opportunity
Yes, no food no drink, drinks of sale are no less promising from selling food. But selling the drink is slightly more risky than food. Because selling drinks that are affected by seasonality. For example, if you want to sell baklava will be sold during the dry season, but sales declined during the rainy season.

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But, despite that selling drinks from the beginning until now still be in demand. Moreover, if the bottles sold are unique and varied, for example, baklava, ice cappuccino grass jelly, etc. Profit selling these drinks can be up to 100%, for instance, iced tea selling price of Rp 2,000, whereas the capital a little, right? Only sugar, water and tea only.

3.c. business news Opportunity Selling Clothes / Fashion
In addition to culinary food and beverage business news, there is one lasting business news is business news attire. Anyway, a business news that involves basic human needs such as food, clothing, and shelter that must sell. Because without it met all three requirements then human life is not yet complete.

Special sale of clothing itself is still very profitable until now. You can either sell clothing baby clothes, women, men, to children. You could be selling at home, open roadside shops, at the market, or that are popular are the online sales.

For online sales, you can take advantage of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The advantage of selling these clothes are also not arbitrary, for each product profits of at least USD 10,000 to hundreds of thousands for a shirt/pants only. The day you can sell ten underwear alone is not imagine how many benefits?

3.d. Beauty Products business news Opportunities
The higher the women were concerned about the appearance (socialite) then the business news beauty products. The market for these products is also more top, especially for the urban woman.

Moreover, the name is also a woman. They will not hesitate to spend much money to take care of their bodies and faces. You can sell cosmetics, tools makeup, accessories such as nails, earrings, rings, etc. Keuntungannyapun not a few ranging from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah for a closing.

So, do not hesitate to get into this market segments yes. Since the market is young women and mothers were more accessible, especially if they already trust the quality of our products. Thus, they can be ” marketing free” because they would not hesitate to promote our products to friends or relatives.

3.e. business news Opportunity Selling Digital Products
It also had me briefly alluded to the above; there are a lot of digital products that can enter. And, to make digital products is fun because we can customise products you created with the hobby that we have.

For example, if you like photography then you could be selling photographs. Your hobby video editing then you can sell video, make your hobby illustration then be selling the character/mascot.

If you have a surplus, for example cooking you can make a video tutorial cooking or video tutorials that match your skills. Easy, right? And incredibly, your only lifeline but could be sold to thousands of times or infinite.

3.f. business news Opportunity Vehicles and Used Car Sales
Now this motor vehicle is no longer a luxury item because almost all of the family must have at least one engines. Well, this could be the opportunity that is promising for the sale and purchase of used motorcycles.

But, lately auto sales are declining. This is understandable because of the market, in general, is sluggish. But, this does not mean the business news is not promising. One of my office mates are buying and selling a used car can be a profit of Rp 2.000.0000 – Rp 5,000,000 per car.

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Though he did not have a car, where? Yes, he is acting as a broker that connects between the seller and the buyer. Tasty is not it? We are selling but not necessarily capital goods in advance?

3.g. Property Sales business news Opportunity
The property business news is one business news that has no death, yes, like clothing and food business news. Since this property is one of the core human needs that must meet so that people can be said to live in dignity.

business news Opportunity Property
business news opportunities buying and selling property that promises (image:
The property can regard as black gold, why is that? Because property prices either land or buildings each year would rise. This is because of the number of people increases so that the land supply was shrinking and resources the ground prices skyrocketing.

What is the advantage to sell the property? Well, if we sell private property, the benefits could be more. Moreover, if for example we buy now then sold again in the next three years, then the property prices would go up. If not sold again then we could rent out the property so that we can get passive income.

If we act as a real estate broker, we will get a profit of around 2.5% – 5% of the price of the property. For example, if property prices 1M, then we can commission 25-50 million.

3.h. business news Opportunities Online Ticket Sales and Package Travelling
If we look, lately a lot of standing agents of ticket sales on the roadside. This is because it is increasingly easy to do business news online ticket this. There are a lot of servers or providers holding a card, and travel packages are cooperative.

Gain on sale of the ticket not least, the range is 10% on average. For example, if the ticket price of 500 thousand we could make a profit 50ribu. The problem this advantage depends on which side we formed a partnership.

3.i. Sale of business news Opportunities Pulsa Elektrik
Selling pulses are also booming, a lot of counters that exist on the roadside. This coupled with the increasing use of smartphones.

Now this one person can hold more than one mobile phone, now imagine the business news potential? Indeed, once gain small credit transactions. But, if the day there are hundreds of deals, so a lot is not it? Moreover, if we do not just sell credits operator, we can sell electrical pulse or internet quota.

3.j. business news Opportunity Selling Groceries / Necessity
Sales of basic needs are still very promising, because of basic needs (daily) this everyone would need. In fact, every day must have bought it, so that the velocity of money and goods to be fast.

If you want selling staples, sell at a standard price or slightly cheaper. Although a little profit, but if you are buying a lot of the benefits are also getting high is not it? Thus, prioritising customer satisfaction.

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If the minimum capital, we can stock up on goods in advance. If you already paid for the goods sold new. This was commonly done by the sellers, where they take the goods out of the distributor. If it was sold, new goods paid later.

Conclusion business news is selling products ….

Selling this product is more involved in the business news. Because this business news is relatively more real and get the money fast. Moreover, if the goods we sell are already evident in demand in the market, as well as our strategic location.

So, choose the type of products to be sold first. Make sure we master these articles, so if there are consumers who wonder we are not confused. If we do not understand with the goods sold. How can consumers want to buy?

Why many failed business news side?
Well, one reason most people use to do business news is fear of failure. Afraid that went bankrupt how? Afraid that unsold merchandise how?

5 Causes of business news Gaga
The cause was not Successful business news (picture:
Of course, such things there is a great possibility, no business news is 100% or 100% profit and loss, there must be advantages and disadvantages. As one of the principles of high economic risk, high return. This means that the higher the risk, the higher the profits to be had.

Here are some reasons business news fail and how to cope:

1. Lack of Planning / Planning
Not a bit of beginner business journalists that burning passion in the early start pioneering effort. Especially if they attend an entrepreneurial seminar or read a book about business news, then the spirit of 45 radiates apparently from their eyes.

But, the spirit alone is not enough, we must do careful planning. Not a few business newses that went bankrupt in the early establishment of enterprises, the cause is due to lack of planning. Planning here is very broad, the first product planning, market, and marketing.

We must first establish clear what products will sell, to whom these products are used. And roughly where we can get a lot of customers? These should all be thought out carefully, not quite the reckless capital, the venture will be successful. It is true, without any planning is done then the same lie.

But, if only the action without planning it like we know the streets without direction and purpose, aggravated we go without any provision. Yes substantially street, whether what the results thought later. Is not this would be a waste? If planning we mature, we can minimise the costs. We can determine the strategy of marketing is right for the products we sell.

2. Wrong Setting Priorities
Identifying priorities is important because this is a side business news usually only think of one eye only. “Yes, if it works Alhamdulillah. If it fails you’ve, it’s okay “. If the mindset is such that 75% will fail, why did it happen?

Yes because we think like that, remember the mindset that affects the business news. Negative thoughts may unconsciously influence the spirit, and the spirit will influence our work. As a result, our productivity to decline if productivity declines then the business news will not be able to run smoothly right?

Now focus, though this is a side business news but should be considered 100%. Change the mindset becomes “It must succeed, if it does not mean something is wrong. Evaluation!”. If the mindset is changing, it will greatly affect the productivity we are certainly getting better.

3. Marketing Weak / No Target
At the beginning to build a majority that comes to mind is to produce goods as much as possible. Just do not let the stock of goods was empty, so if there is a buyer they were not disappointed. It’s not wrong, but also less precise.

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Use techniques of marketing research we first learn what kind of market behaviour, the more specific our target market, the better. Why is that? Due to the more specific the market we can determine the right strategy so that the market (consumers) want to use our product.

If we do not market research beforehand, and home sales as well as the origin of a lot of production it would be a waste of energy and venture capital. Better to test the market first, whether the goods were sold on the market or not. If the behaviour continued, if not at stop or repair the product.

4. Management of the Poor
The management is vital to note. Although you do not have a background of education management, you can learn the management of the many books or Internet resources such as web rocket management.

Management of the heart of the company, if the management is bad, then it will spread to other divisions. You can learn the management simple advance, e.g., management of payroll, bookkeeping, etc. The important thing is the company organised, especially in financial flows.

Do not get the money out is greater than the money coming in. Each month we evaluate the business news, with regular evaluations so we can fix the mistakes that then that will increase the productivity and quality of the company.

5. HR Not Competent
HR or human resources in a business news is an absolute must have, how business news can work well if there is no human being who is driving it?

Well, have no competent human resources is one of the main causes of business news failure. The most important HR is the owner/founder of the business news if the owner itself not competent then just wait for time business news will be folded.

What is advantages from read business news?

So what’s the solution? Particularly for the proprietor, deepened knowledge of entrepreneurship that includes administration and management of goods production, marketing and management company. It could say that it is the owner Ko-Ko below too.

If you open a business news with a friend or someone else, make sure they are people who are competent. Do not let your work alone while they simply sit waiting for passive income coming. In business news skills are important, but the passion for wanting to learn and adapt it more necessary. Why? Because the business news is very dynamic, if we can not adapt to the changing times it is a matter of time the business news will go bankrupt. Hopefully this article about business news opportunities beneficial yes to you, I hope after you read this article could enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship. You can start small business now!