How to Start MAKE MONEY from Online Business Opportunity

How to Start MAKE MONEY from Online Business Opportunity can try by beginners. With the Internet and the growing number of Internet users are increasingly significant, everyone can become a businessman. No more need to worry about significant capital needs to be spent on building a physical store. No wonder if the online business can be a very promising business. In fact, according to statistics, 40 percent of Internet users to purchase products online through their gadgets. This activity shows the enormous potential for firms that do not require significant capital.

online business

online business

Maybe you already interested to do business online, but businesses are confused about what and how. If so, let’s see the following information about the kind of online business can you do and how to get started!

Maybe this one has become the most widely performed in the online business world. You can sell various products online, such as clothing, a collection of objects, the results of DIY goods, etc. The place also varied wares.

Follow these steps:

First, look for products to sell. You can produce their goods, or act as a reseller or a drop shippers. For more information about reseller you can read here, and about drop shipper here.

Second, determine the platform you want to use to sell online. You can sell through social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but the payment process must be manual. You can also sell on online selling sites like Amazon and Google Adsense providing payment facilities together account for free.

However, if you already enter the stage of an online business that is severe enough, then you should open your online store. The manufacturing process is quite simple! With a service SIRCLO example, you can create your online store within 5 minutes for free! Having your online store can make your business look more credible and convincing.

Third, insert photos and descriptions of products sold. Here you must ensure that the goods look beautiful pictures, and descriptions are quite complete until later your potential customers are not confused.

Fourth, spread info about the product you’re selling! Share it on social media the info you up by word of mouth among friends. A good product will be difficult to sell if no one knows.

Lastly, do not forget to give the best service to customers. His name is also “the customer is king”, so you have to be ready to answer all questions and complaints they yes. Spirit!

What is Free Online Business?

Advertisements Sales

Unlike the two previous methods, a method of online business requires an investment of time and energy that is quite a lot before you can get income. Therefore, you must have the number of visitors or followers plenty to sell advertising.

Two business online that you can do is to start a blog or become a YouTuber. We will begin by discussing the first blogging.


If you enjoy writing and photography, so bloggers are one interesting choice online business. However, to be able to transform your blog into a business, you need to popularise blogging first.

In general, blogs that have high traffic will attract a variety of other business owners to advertise on the blog. In fact, in addition to pay, you can also be given products or services for free so that you can leave a review on the blog.

Follow these steps:

First, decide on an online platform through which to write a blog. Three popular platform today is,, and All three have their advantages and disadvantages of each, so you should first compare which one is most suitable.

Second, start diligently fill your blog with articles, photos, and videos of interest. It’s better if you have a consistent theme of the blog, you will discuss examples of fashion or travel alone. Do not forget to spread your blog on social media so that friends can come to read. Later, when the reputation of the blog you are getting better, visitors from Google will recommend to your blog.

Third, make the blog as business needs high commitment. Do not forget to say hello to and communicate with the people who commented on it. Beware also if there are spammers, immediately delete their comments and block their access.

Fourth, when you’re already feeling has a sufficient number of readers (as a benchmark, hundreds of users every day is a good beginning), you begin to be able to register some services to start selling ads.

Examples of services that you can follow are Google AdSense, PPC business, paid to click, and SociaBuzz. Or later you can also approach a company that has target consumers who fit the profile of your blog readers. The corporates would be interested in paying you to promote their products on the blog.

so YouTuber

Not to fill the time, YouTube it also can be the source of your income online. The steps are a bit similar to a blog, where you should be able to produce good quality video, at least uncomfortable to watch. However, in addition to having the ability to edit video, you also must be willing to invest in equipment capable camera so that the video was clear in the eyes.

Here are the steps:

First, determine the type of video you want to publish to the audience such as video tutorials, short films, video blog (vlog), to cover songs. Whatever type of your video, make sure it is interesting to watch! So you have to be smart to presenting the video.

Second, you can connect your account with Google AdSense to sell advertising on Google. Or you can approach a site that has a target audience of consumers that suits you and offer cooperation.

Selling services online (aka freelance)

Many things you can do to help another person or project work as a freelancer online. From designing business cards, perform data entry, article writing, marketing, etc. But as a freelancer online, you do not need to work in the office and get work done on the home side (make sure you have a good internet connection yes!).

Here are the steps:

First, determine what capabilities and services that you can offer to clients. Examples of services that are sought after are data entry, article writing, translation, and design.

Second, find freelance jobs available. You can use the Freelancer and Sribulancer for it. In both the website, you will search for and apply a variety of freelance jobs available. Surely you will compete with other freelancers regarding work quality and price. The payout of any variety, no one paid per hour or project.

As an alternative, you can make a simple website and fill it with a personal portfolio. It can help you convince the client that you are the best candidates for the jobs that exist.

Third, do not forget to spread the information that you want to do freelance work online among your friends. These methods could increase the chances of you finding the appropriate online freelance work.

Whatever choice free online business that you take, be sure to ask for the help of friends to pass it as well. You can also pay to cooperate with famous people that they want to promote business online that you’ve made to their social media. See? With the virtual world, you can work anytime, anywhere, and the skills and interests of any kind. You are also free to seek new ways to make money from the internet business.