Office chairs are not simply your everyday furniture lined with poly foam. They are particularly designed to promote excellent posture while providing great comfort. At present, there are numerous assortments of office chairs out there in the market nowadays, each of that is made for a particular capacity in a work environment.

Types of office chairs:

The following are the different types of office chairs in Singapore.

  • ?         Conference chairs
  • ?         Ergonomic chairs
  • ?         Executive chairs
  • ?         Guest chairs
  • ?         Mesh chairs
  • ?         Stacking chairs
  • ?         Task chairs

Conference Chairs:

Likewise alluded to as the meeting room chair, this style is perfect for gatherings as its best to relax positions. Since meetings are focused on talking and listening more than real legwork, a reliably open to sitting position is of most extreme significance and this can be precisely what you’ll get from gathering chairs. Then again, they’re not versatile and flexible, albeit a few styles do have worked in wheels.

Ergonomic Chairs:

In the event that you are looking for furniture that will be inviting on your back, then the ergonomic chair is perfect for you! This seat is appropriate for the individuals who experience the ill effects of spine issues since it’s particularly intended to give greatest back support. It is likewise useful for drawn out sitting, with movable statures, armrests, and headrests to help you maintain the correct stance as you work within the office.

Executive Chairs:

Executive chairs have casters and wheels which can rotate in any respect directions. They feature a high backrest, lined with thick layers of poly foam and soft material usually in the form of leather. Not only can the padding on the arm rest, but you also change the back according to your preference. These chairs tend to be costlier due to their one-of-a-kind features. As such, it is usually used by the company’s top executives.

Guest Chairs:

You also need to offer seats for visitors within the workplace, and that’s where guest chairs enter the scene. Though not mobile, versatile and adjustable, this type of workplace chair makes a comfortable seat nonetheless. It is usually made from plastic or wood, and it comes in various colors and style. Such chairs are usually placed next to a table or within the reception area.

Mesh Chairs:

Mesh chair in Singapore is lined with a net-like fabric that provides them good air circulation. This feature, coupled with its padded seats, permits you to sit at your desk without feeling hot and wet.  It is common within the workplace because it provides ventilation, something other designs can’t offer. Other than workplace use, you will also enjoy this chair in front of the PC table at your own residence.

Stacking Chairs:

Made for easy storage, stacking chairs comes in several colors and styles. Since it is an amazing space saver, you will possibly notice this type of chair in crowded rooms like cafeterias. You might even notice a dozen of employee in meeting rooms for the purpose of accommodating extra attendees. Though it has no wheels, the stacking chair is mobile due to being light-weight.

Task Chairs:

Task chairs are one of the most popular workplace chairs. This type has a basic design, with casters and wheels for mobility and a rotating mechanism that enables you to swivel as you please. It is also lined with foam to give it comfort level. To ensure your convenience, its creators have made the height easily adjustable. And on top of all these options, task chairs are available reasonable costs.

These are the chairs most commonly found within the workplace. Much like the workers that make companies strong, they each have different functions. The featured designs offer completely different levels of comfort, but you should be just fine as long as you retain a straight posture.

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